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A world leader in HDI polyisocyanate for excellent weatherability

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Standard grades
Superior weatherability, functionality, and performance in polyurethane paints and coatings.
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Fast drying Grades
The weatherability of standard Duranate™ grades and the inherent advantages of HDI polyisocyanate – together with far shorter drying times.
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High flexure grades
For elastic polyurethane coatings with high weatherability – without plasticizer addition– on plastic, leather, rubber, and other substrates in automotive, architectural, industrial, and other applications.
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LPS compatible grades
For use with low-polarity solvents in architectural, automotive, and plastics applications requiring freedom from the characteristic odor of polar solvents. TSA-100 and TSS-100 and A201H, with their low viscosity, are also particularly appropriate for the curing of high-solids and solvent-free paints and coatings.
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Bifunctional prepolymer grades · Monomer
Bifunctional Prepolymeric
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Low viscosity grades
The low-viscosity trimer that matches standard trimers in gel fraction and weatherability.
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Blocked isocyanate grades
For one-pack heat curing.
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Water dispersible grades
For high-performance coatings and water-based resins crosslinking.
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PVDC latex
Performance Coating Materials Division