Test materials and methods

Test materials and methods

The DURANATETM test results shown in this brochure were determined by the following methods except where otherwise specifically indicated.

Coating process

Materials Polyol: Acrydic A801 (DIC Corporation)
DuranateTM/polyol ratio: NCO/OH = 1.0.
Viscosity: 15 sec. in Ford Cup No. 4, following dilution by urethane thinner.
Application Air spray. Film applicatior. Dry film thickness : 40 micrometers.
Drying Drying 23℃, 50% RH. / Blocked-polyisocyanate grades : reference to the condition in page12.

Test methods

Drying rate Time from coating application to freedom from indentation by 100-g cylinder covered with 5-layer gauze and left on surface for 1 minute.
Cotton ball test
Evaluate residual cotton on film after loading 100g of weight on 1g of cotton ball for 1 minute.
Gel fraction Ratio of coated film weight after and before immersion in acetone for 24 hr at 23℃, following its removal from polypropylene substrate.
Hardness ASTM D3363; hardness of pencil leaving no groove in coated film surface.
Adhesion ASTM D3359; crosscut tape with 100 squares each 1×1 mm.
Flexibility ASTM D1737.
Impact resistance ASTM D2794.
Water resistance Appearance of coated film after 24 hrs in deionized water at 23℃.
Gasoline resistance Appearance of coated film after 24 hrs in regular gasoline at 23℃.
Chemical resistance Appearance of coated film after 24 hrs in indicated chemical at 23℃.
Weatherability ASTM G23 Method 1; Sunshine carbon arc, black panel, 63℃, 12-min water spray per 60-min cycle.
Stress-strain 20-mm interchuck gap, 20 mm/min draw (100%/min strain).
NCO retention (%) Evaluate FT-IR of formulated liquid. Calculate retention by comparing hight
of NCO peak after the mixing. Comparison on hight of NCO peak = 2270
cm-1 (-NCO) hight of the peak / 2850cm-1 (-CH2-) hight of the peak.
Compatibility Mix with polyol by NCO/OH=1.0 and evaluate appearance of film on the glass.

All test data and values shown in this brochure are based on typical laboratory tests by the indicated test methods, presented for basic reference only and not as any specification or warranty, and subject to change without notice.